I'm Luckysha.M, currently pursuing IInd year B.Tech Computer Science and Business Systems. Unlike traditional courses, it’s an advanced course endowed with managerial skills. We get to learn the various programming languages for a well-lit mastery in coding. The institution conducts a lot of hands-on sessions, workshops, webinars, professional training, expert talks, symposiums and a variety of technical events which are worthy indeed.
I'm Jai Vignesh R Pursuing B.Tech Computer Science and Business Systems at Sri Sairam Engineering College. We are given access to on go various online certification courses in the platforms like coursera, IBM, IIT Spoken tutorial and Oracle. Apart from the aforementioned, worthy value additions for skill enhancement, mandatory courses and numerous professional electives are also embraced.
I’m Jayshree Being a bio math student, the thought of learning a new subject scared me out of wits. Fortunately I got into Sri Sairam Engineering College. I am thankful for the faculties of the department. All the faculties in my department are supportive and are being always available for students who need additional guidance. My seniors have been very welcoming and comforting since day one. And with the help of additional portals like skill rack and edx, my skill have been getting better and better
I am Rahul V pursuing B.Tech Computer Science and Business Systems at Sri Sairam Engineering College. I get opportunities to learn coding, technical and management skills with this course. Moreover our department HOD Dr. Ananthi.M ma'am interacts with us frequently. Teachers at this institute take good care of the students. Mentors are of constant support in the institute as they look into and solve any problem faced in the institute. I get to learn new skills through our teachers, mentors and also try to implement new innovative ideas in projects