• What support do we get from TCS for CSBS course and for how long?

    Organizing Faculty Development Program (FDP), offering Internship for select students (may vary between 10 -30%), Expert lecture sessions for some subjects, assessment of the students for some papers. This will be provided for the duration of MoU which is for every batch and can be renewed on mutual agreement.

  • Will TCS set the semester question papers for the exams?

    No, the respective college will set the semester question paper as the degree will be awarded by the college. However, TCS may conduct some additional assessment tests for the students from time to time. Performance on these tests will not be counted for awarding the degree or calculating CGPA.

  • Are students who take up CSBS course eligible to do masters in overseas, especially in Computer Science area?

    Yes, as the course has been approved by AICTE, there is no restriction for pursuing any higher studies.

  • Is the course structure provided is a framework with flexibility for colleges to design courses specific their requirements or is it a rigid structure?

    The course structure is built with the aim to impart certain knowledge and skillsets to the students and develop certain attitudes and behaviours among the students to make them successful in the era of Business 4.0. So any large-scale change is not expected. TCS will, however, review the course content with leading academicians and industry experts every 2 -3 years and suggest changes as required. The college can only add/ remove any topic (s) after discussion with TCS and after TCS’ approval. The conditions will be clearly spelt out in the MoU.

  • Which advantages do I get by offering this course?

    You will be able to create more industry ready and employable engineers who can drive innovation and add value to the organization they work for as well as to the nation in the era of Business 4.0.

  • What is the model for curriculum design? Will TCS provide a complete curriculum with a total modular breakup of lectures and labs and assignments as per NBA guidelines or will TCS provide sample curriculum with details to be worked out by colleges? If the college needs to work out the details, will TCS participate in curriculum design meetings at institute?

    TCS will provide outline of the curriculum (topics to be covered)  along with recommended books and reference books. The lecture wise details/ session plans to be worked out by the colleges as per their norm.  For some specific topics which are more industry-focused – TCS may provide more detailed lesson plan .  TCS normally does not participate in curriculum design meetings at the colleges but TCS can review the design and provide inputs.

  • Since this is a new course, what will be the employment opportunities for the students opting for this course?

    This course is a blend of Computer Science and Management and also covers many emerging topics in the field of computing. So we trust that students graduating from this course will have more demand in the market compared to a conventional computer science course.

  • Does TCS provide internship for these students? If so, what is the eligibility criteria and do they get a stipend?

    10-33 % of the students will be offered an internship. TCS may conduct an assessment test/interview for selecting the candidates for the internship or TCS may decide based candidate’s past academic performance. There may be paid or free internship.

  • Does TCS conduct special recruitment drive for these students? Will they get any differential package?

    There is no recruitment commitment as of now as this will depend on the quality of the students as well as the requirement of TCS when the students graduate. The package will be decided also at that point in time,  based on the market scenario. However, students performing well in the internship will naturally have an advantage in the recruitment process.

  • Who will issue the certificate?

    The degree certificate will be provided by Anna University. TCS will have no role to play in providing the certificate.