Highlighted subjects & laboratories

  • Machine Learning Techniques with Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence with Lab
  • Statistical methods
  • Computational Statistics
  • Python Programming
  • R Programming
  • Introduction to Innovation, IP Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Operations Research with Lab
  • Design Thinking
  • Marketing Research & Marketing Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Information Security with Lab
  • Financial & Cost Accounting
  • Usability Design of Software Applications with Lab
  • IT Workshop Sky lab/Mat lab
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Services Science & Service Operational Management with Lab
  • IT Project Management with Lab
  • Cloud, Microservices & Applicationwith Lab
  • Computational Finance & Modelingwith Lab
  • Psychology with Lab
  • Robotics and Embedded Systems with Lab
  • Modern Web Applications with Lab
  • Introduction to IoT with Lab
  • Advanced Social, Text and Media Analytics

Societies and Collaborations :

  • IEEE Technology Engineering and Management Society exclusively for CSBS
  • Collaboration with top Giant IT Industry TCS.



Gayathri Varsha, I Yr. CSBS - SEC
The future demands technical knowledge along with practical knowledge and marketing and business erudition. How about gaining this knowledge through a single course? is that really possible? Of course YES! Sri Sairam Engineering College is providing a 4 years dual course B.Tech COMPUTER SCIENCE AND BUSINESS SYSTEM (CSBS) designed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) which implant technical, practical and business knowledge along with the enlightenment of humanity and value science in the minds of students. As this special course is designed by TCS, eligible students will be given internship and guidance by TCS.

Divya Barathi, I Yr. CSBS - SEC
I feel very happy and proud to study CSBS department at Sairam Engineering College because this particular course mainly focuses on understanding technology abstraction, business discipline and service orientation, innovation ability and strong ethics and life values. We are exposed to emerging topics such as analytics, machine learning, cloud computing, the internet of things etc..., to make us industry ready at the end of four years of study. Here we are learning a syllabus based more on skills than theory which most of the big MNCs require. There are higher placement opportunities chances in TCS and other similar companies like Infosys, Accenture etc... This course is mainly designed to produce skilled engineers and not bookworms. I feel really very satisfied in taking this course and I would recommend others too to choose this CSBS course.

Sri Gomathi, I Yr. CSBS - SEC
The college, has a very good infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories. Our department curriculum is updated and includes all the recent developments in the field of management and computer science it makes me feels that I could grab the job opportunities easily. The faculty members and HOD were so good and they will clear our doubts whenever we ask .The staffs encouraged me to take part in many events. And yes, I am pretty satisfied and I am glad that I took CSBS.
In a nutshell, Best Department at the Best college!

Vaishnavi, I Yr. CSBS, SEC
I myself have selected this course over IT. And yes, I am pretty satisfied with my call and I am glad that I took CSBS. We in the first semester learnt much more than any other department. If you are more inclined and interested in technology, business logic and programming, then this department in this college is a great choice. Coming to say about our college, it is a place for us to develop our knowledge, skills etc. The information regarding the events in Sairam as well as other colleges are always informed and the interested students can apply and the management will provide full support. If you are looking for a college with discipline and professional ethics then Sairam is the place to be.

Jai Vignesh, I Yr. CSBS - SEC
CSBS (Computer Science and Business Systems) is a course designed by TCS. By taking this course students can improve both their technical as well as communication skills and I am fortunate enough to take this course in a well-recognized institution like Sairam where faculties are very supportive and friendly which helps the students to connect with them I feel so good to be a part of Sairam and taking this course.

Aathreyee I Yr CSBS - SEC
Students pursuing this course at Sri Sairam engineering college will definitely be graduating with great technical and marketing skills. As our course is a more practical based learning course, it triggers the interest of learning in students and also helps them grasp the concepts easily. Also, the students pursuing B.Tech CSBS also tend to gain a great leadership quality which will be very helpful to their future career. The one special thing about doing this special course in Sri Sairam engineering college is that We are free to participate in various events that are conducted both outsides and inside our campus which plays a role in expanding our knowledge and helps in adding up to our resume.