Leader Speak

Mr. Suresh Veeraraghavan
Director- Paxel Technolabs, Chennai.

CSBS is a course that bridges the Academics and Industrial expectation of IT industry.The syllabus formed is more apt for joining any IT company seamlessly and prove your talents there. When the whole country is moving towards the vision of “Make in India” and “Start up India”, this course is the first which inculcates the art of Entrepreneur skills in the UG stage itself. This normally happens in institutions like IIT, from where we see young entrepreneurs,emerging. The syllabus is so carefully framed, by which a budding engineer focuses only on the emerging technologies than the extinct one. When the hot topics like ML, AI are a part of academics, I would confidently feel the output of such a course is a hot pick into the industry. Parents need not waste money on extra courses, students need not waste effort in travelling across institutes.

Krishnan Ramanujam, President, Business & Technology Services, TCS

The future of work will be digitally led and so, as part of their curriculum, the workforce of tomorrow must learn the skills they need to stay relevant and contribute meaningfully. TCS understood this critical need and worked with academia to design an undergraduate program to prepare students for the digital world.

Dr. Santosh Kumar Mohanty – VP & Global Head, Components Engineering Group, TCS

In this digital era, the confluence of data, process, technology and infrastructure is the key to provide personalized experience. The students of Computer Science need to inculcate a mindset of continuous learning to garner knowledge and skills that will enable them to develop and deploy solution for the Business 4.0 world. This course has been designed by TCS along with leading academics across the country to address current gaps and prepare students for taking up jobs and research works.