Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) attracts many aspirants as the course emphasizes computation, design, and deployment of programming languages, program design, hardware, software, and problem solving skills, with special mention of managerial skills. It is a course that bridges the Academics and Industrial expectation of IT industry. The course is carefully framed to make budding engineer focus only on emerging technologies.

The syllabus formed is more apt for joining any IT company seamlessly and prove your talents there. When the whole country is moving towards the vision of “Make in India” and “Start up India”, this course is the first which inculcates the art of Entrepreneur skills in the UG stage itself.

CSBS boasts a well-established laboratory that can accommodate 120 students simultaneously, providing excellent working conditions and high-configured computer systems. Our laboratory is equipped with 2 servers, printers, scanners and projectors. Students can experience high-quality learning in our smart board-equipped classroom.