S. NoFaculty NameProduct NameApplication NumberSTATUS
1Dr.M.AnanthiGesture based Anti-Rape Device202141037955APUBLISHED
A Robotic Cleaning Device350505-001GRANTED
Legs Exercising Machine365842-001GRANTED
Effective Lighting Management System in Automobiles using Peltier and Seebeck Modules202241076693APUBLISHED
2Mr.PrabhuCRF Based Intrusion Detection System using Genetic Search feature selection for NSSA202241028235PUBLISHED
Improved Intrusion Detection System using Genetic-Fuzzy Search Feature202441041388APUBLISHED
3Ms.T.SathyaA Novel algorithm of Active Learning based on Machine Learning Vector Algorithm202041001340PUBLISHED
4Mr.Naresh KumarHeadset-Wearable and Modular Device for Hybrid Brain-Computer Interface202241020829PUBLISHED
Monitoring E-Health Care System using AI Techniques and Methods202241075332APUBLISHED
5Ms.MalathiA Block chain-Based System for Digital Certificates Authentications and Method Thereof202221056876APUBLISHED