Resource person

1Dr M.AnanthiEditorial Board Membership AgreementEnpress Publisher01/12/2020
2Dr M.AnanthiState Republic Parade CampWorld University Service Centre,Chennai23/01/2020
3Dr M.AnanthiWebinar on Future Scope in Data AnalyticsSri Sairam Engineering College08/04/2021
4Dr M.AnanthiNational level Award "Young Women Scientist - 2020"Dr.Kalam Educational Trust for Tribal12/05/2021
1Dr M.AnanthiWebinar SpeakerSri Sairam Engineering College9/6/2021
2Dr M.AnanthiChief GuestSri Sairam Polytechnic College30/7/2021
3Dr M.AnanthiProctorIEEE23/10/2021
4Dr M.AnanthiFaculty development program on Technology Development in Efficient Teaching MethodsPachaiyappa's College23/06/2021 TO 29/06/2021
5Dr M.AnanthiSession Chair for Paper Presentation Session in the AICTE sponsored fourth ICRTAC'21Vellore Institute Of Technology,Chennai11/11/2021 to 12/11/2021
6Dr M.AnanthiQuestion Paper Setter for B.Tech End Semester - Data Structures and AlgorithmSri Mankula Vinayagar Engineering College,Puducherry18/11/2021
7Dr M.AnanthiSession Chair for Fourth ICCCT'21Sri Sairam Engineering College16/12/2021 to 17/12/2021
8Dr M.AnanthiReviewer of Papers for Fourth ICCCT'21Sri Sairam Engineering College16/12/2021 TO 17/12/2021
Jan-May 2022
1Dr M.AnanthiFaculty development programKings Engineering College,Chennai14/02/2022 to 21/02/2022
2Ms T .SathyaExternal Examiner to conduct B.Sc Medical Record Science practical ExaminationSRM Institute of Technology11/03/2022
3Mr D.PrabhuOne week virtual Faculty Development ProgrammeJNN Institute of Technology25/04/2022 to 30/04/2022
1Dr M.AnanthiQuestion Paper SettingSri Sairam Engineering College9/6/2022
2Mr D.PrabhuHands on session on Google Colab and Techable MachineVel-Tech28/07/2022
3Mr D.PrabhuTrainerAalim Muhammed Salegh Polytechnic
College, Chennai
20th July
to 30th July 2022
4Dr M.AnanthiChief GuestSri Sairam Polytechnic College8/8/2022
5Dr M.AnanthiPC MemberTQCEB22,SEC26/8/2022
6Dr M.AnanthiExceptional Contribution as a SPOC in Smart India HackathonSmart India Hackathon24-29/8/2022
7Dr M.AnanthiFaculty development programTCS5/9/2022
8Dr M.AnanthiReviewerPSG College of Technology22-24/9/2022
9Mr D.PrabhuReviewerPSG College of Technology22/09/22 - 24/09/22
10Dr M.AnanthiReviewerSri Sairam Engineering College - ICCST 20229,10/11/2022
11Mr D.PrabhuResource personPanimalar college of engineering30/11/2022
12Dr M.AnanthiChief GuestSri Sankara Senior Secondary School, Adyar2/12/2022
13Mr D.PrabhuReviewerPSG College of Technology22/09/22 - 24/09/22
1Dr M.AnanthiTrainerAzestar Intern Training Program10/01/2023
2D.PrabhuTrainerAzestar Intern Training Program10/01/2023
3A.Naresh KumarExpert TalkVelammal Engineering College,Chennai2/3/2023
4D.PrabhuTrainerAzestar Intern Training Program2-6/3/2023
5Dr M.AnanthiQuestion Paper SettingPanimalar Engineering College24/03/2023
6Dr M.AnanthiExternal ExaminerSRM Institute of Science and Technology17/05/2023 and 18/05/2023
1Dr M.AnanthiReviewer- 12th International conference on Advanced ComputingAnna University,MIT Campus18/08/2023 and 19/08/2023
2Ms.J MalathiJury Member-Website Design ContestIETE,Chennai Centre06/09/2023