Venue: SSR Hall


The Department of Computer Science and Business Systems successfully organized the FESTX’23^2 – BYTES OF BRILLIANCE symposium on November 3, 2023.

Throughout the day, a variety of technical and non-technical competitions were held.As the course included both computer and business, the students made certain to perform technical events in both computer and business elements.


Dr.M.Ananthi Ma’am, the Head of the Department of Computer Science and Business Systems, extended a warm welcome to all the participants and guests. She set the tone for the symposium, emphasizing the importance of the event in fostering knowledge exchange and innovation.


Dr.Rene Robin Sir, Dean Innovation delivered a special address,He shared his insights on the evolving technology landscape and encouraged attendees to embrace innovation and adapt to the digital era.His valuable perspectives provided a strong foundation for the day’s events.


Chief Guest and Inaugural Address – Dr. Gayatri Suresh:

Dr. Gayatri Suresh, Senate Member at Bharathiyar University, graciously consented to be the chief guest and deliver the inaugural address. Her speech highlighted the importance of academia-industry collaboration and the need for students to acquire both technical and soft skills to excel in today’s competitive environment. Her insights left the audience inspired and motivated.


The festx’23^2 had a remarkable turnout of 200+ students from various universities.It provided participants with the opportunity to meet with subject experts and propose their business and start-up ideas to them. The suggestions that grabbed the judges’ interest were to be chosen and financed for development.Aside from these technical activities, non-technical events such as brain spark, anonymous, and battle fest geared up the participants. Other game stalls and food kiosks were put up for guests and participants to enjoy.

The valedictory session of FESTX’23^2 – BYTES OF BRILLIANCE was equally remarkable, with a distinguished set of speakers and presenters.

The valedictory session began with a warm welcome by Gayathri Varsha A S, reflecting on the symposium’s achievements and the knowledge shared during the event.


Mr.Raja M, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Zoho Corporation, was the guest speaker for the valedictory session. He shared valuable insights into the current trends in the business systems domain and highlighted the role of innovation in product marketing.His speech emphasized the importance of practical knowledge and real-world application of computer science in the business world. His insights provided a perfect conclusion to the symposium.


Each participant received not only helpful opportunities but also a delightful experience.The winners were named and awarded certificates.

The valedictory session concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Rahul V, acknowledging the contributions of all the participants, speakers, sponsors, and the organizing committee.


FESTX’23^2 – BYTES OF BRILLIANCE was a day filled with intellectual discourse, valuable insights, and networking opportunities for everyone who attended. The symposium provided a platform for participants to explore the ever-evolving world of computer science and business systems and to foster a greater understanding of the synergy between the two fields.

The Department of Computer Science and Business Systems at Sri Sairam Engineering College organized a national-level Tech Fest named FESTX ’23. The two-day program consisted of six unique inter-collegiate events that aimed at promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students. FESTX ’23 saw participation from around 150 students from various prestigious engineering colleges.

The Tech Fest included various events such as an intensive two-day hackathon sponsored by Cognizant, with 72 handpicked participants and industry-relevant problem statements given by Cognizant as well, a Project Expo, Startup pitches to Angel Investors from top firms like WeFounder Circle, StartUp TN and Youth India Foundation, and Coding & Debugging competitions.

The Inaugural event was graced by the presence of an eminent speaker, Ms RajaLakshmi Srinivasan – the director of Product Management at Zoho Corp. She emphasized the importance of innovation and explained how root cause analysis is done.

The first day of Technical Talk featured Mr Banuchandran – Associate director of Cognizant Pvt. Ltd , who provided his valuable insights and actual facts about the exponential growth of AI in the modern world , the possible risks and threats it could pose, and OpenAI ( CHAT GPT) in particular.

The Newsletter of the Department of Computer Science and Business Systems and the annual report of the department which summarized all the achievements and feats performed by the students in the Academic Year 2022-2023 was released during the event.

The key highlight of the techfest was the two-day Hackathon conducted in association with Cognizant. 26 real time problem statements were provided by CTS for which 72 handpicked participants came up with innovative solutions and implemented them with cutting edge technologies. The best three implementations were selected after an intensive screening process and were awarded with cash prizes.
Panelists and Judges from Cognizant were extremely pleased with the outcomes of the Hackathon.

Mr Rajmohan – Actor , Director, Influencer and a proud alumnus of Sri Sairam Engineering College was the Guest of Honor for the Valedictory Ceremony. He put forward his perspective on how engineers shape the world and had a jovial interaction with the students.

Overall, the event was a great success and achieved its goal of promoting coding skills in the business world.

Inaugural event of FESTX ‘23 with Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker Ms RajaLakshmi Srinivasan and Mr Banuchandran.

Release of Newsletter of the Department of Computer Science and Business Systems for the academic year 2022-23.

A glimpse at the rigorous screening process for the Hackathon conducted as a part of FESTX ‘23 by the panelists from Cognizant.

Actor, Director and Influencer Mr Rajmohan interacting with the participants and organizers of FESTX ‘23.

Award ceremony for the winners of various events conducted as a part of FESTX ‘23.