Membership in Professional Bodies

1Dr. Ananthi MProfessional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE97795902
Life MemberISTE MembershipISTELM35698
Life MemberInstitute of EngineeringIFERPPMIN84629173
Research and Publication (IFERP) Professional member
Life MemberInternational Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT)IACSIT80343593
Life MemberInternational  Association of Engineers ( IAENGIAENG118742
2Ms.Sathya TProfessional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE98022441
Life MemberISTE MembershipISTELM57476
3Mr. Prabhu DProfessional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE98058974
4Mr. Naresh Kumar AProfessional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE92872408
Life MemberInternational  Association of Engineers ( IAENGIAENG268038
Life MemberInstitute of Research Engineers and Doctors (IRED)IREDM4150904196
Life MemberScience and Engineering InstituteSCIEI20201202004
Life MemberComputer Science Teachers AssociationCSTA983457935
Life MemberThe Society Digital information Wireless CommunicationsSDIWC28678
5Ms. Malathi JProfessional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE98923200
Life MemberISTE MembershipISTELM127292
Life MemberInternational  Association of Engineers ( IAENGIAENG194674
Life MemberInternational Society of Research and Development (ISRD)ISRDM4150904196
6Ms. Angel BarakkaLife MemberISTE MembershipISTELM70286
Professional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE98923206
7Ms.Saraswathy SProfessional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE99449212
8Mr. Jagadish Kumar NProfessional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE99445414
9Dr. Sivaranjani NProfessional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE99446964
10Mr. Manickavasagan VProfessional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE99660624
11Mr. Sivakumar KProfessional Body MemberIEEE MembershipIEEE99596002