Special orientation program conducted on 9.09.21 to 15.09.21.

The orientation as a whole was very valuable in information and giving an insight to student.

It was the 1st day of 2nd year , HOD Dr. Ananthi ma’am welcomed student to the department of Computer Science and Business System and gave a brief introduction to the regulation 2020 and new education policy. Also she gave a Detail session about RAISE.

Dr. Maran sir session was the most informative session in orientation. Student found the human values and moral value session to be very beneficial . They got a clear idea of IQ and EQ and its difference. They can implement the information in future learning. students enjoyed the session thoroughly.

Mr. Prabhu sir gave an introduction to case analysis. In this session student felt free to interact with faculties .Students understood the case analysis concept and gained knowledge.

Our 2nd day, which was took over by Dr. Rene Robin sir, session was presented in an enthusiastic way. The content can be related not only to speech therapy but also to events and situations in daily life. The session left with a real feel-good factor..

Then video class was conducted, the video which was played was about e-waste management. In this session, Video about management of e-waste was played and how it is collect and recycled in West Africa. quiz related to the video was conducted and awarded to the best 3 performers.

Then there was a session about RAISE given by Mr. Hemanth Kumar sir. He gave brief-detailed information on RAISE. We could easily connect the points to real-life. At the end of the session students could analyze about strength, weakness, opportunity and threats around us.

The last session of the day was very much engaging. It was about sharing students covid experience.

Our 3rd day started in the IT lab with live in lab class. Our department faculties Mr. Prabhu and Ms. Nirmala took the session which students created our own oracle account and were given a crystal overview and upcoming live in lab classes.

The second session of the day was handled by professor, Mr. Vaithiyanathan Sir. Some of us gave our speech on the topic we wish to speak. He motivated and guided students with a clear vision on future career.

Mr. Dinesh sir gave students a bouncy start for the day. He shared many real-life stories that triggered students to achieve something really great in career and life. His speech refreshed students minds and made us think broad and wide out of the box. The session was completely interactive and enthusiastic.

The next session was session that is the 2nd video class. The video was about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The session was to attend the quizzes that had been conducted after every 20 minutes of the video session and 3 winners were awarded in the end of the session.Thus our brainstorming enthusiastic 4 days refreshment sessions ended.

Human Values, Ethics & Moral values Dr.MARAN Director SIMS and Mr. Dinesh AP/MBA on 14th-Sep-21

Placement training session by Mr. Vaithiyanathan -Tap cell and IT Alumnus on 9th-Sep-21

Innovation session handled by Dr. Rene Robin Dean innovation on 13th-Sep-21

Conducted video class on 5th-Sep-21 to encourage and create self expression to engage with the world around them.