The Department of CSBS organized a webinar on “How to Leverage Hackathons ”on 20.9.2021.

If you work in innovation, you have probably heard a new buzzword: Hackathon

But what is it exactly and how can innovators use them? Hackathon is a meeting, workshop or round table where people from diverse backgrounds come together to generate new ideas and solutions.

It’s fun, interactive and non-stop, normally over a single weekend. A solution is typically developed from scratch during this time.

The Computer Science & Business System Department, Sri Sairam Engineering college successfully organized the webinar on “How to leverage Hackathon” on September 2, 2021. The Expert members shared their experience about Hackathon Mr.S.Ram Dhivakar, M.S.Computational Mechanics, University of Stuttgart, Germany. Mr.S.Sanath, Technical member, ZOHO Corp.

Vote of thanks given by Hariharan R.